Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trying to Have Faith as a Mustard Seed

Lord, I know you are in control. I have seen you do some amazing things. Why is it so hard for me to trust? I know you know the pain I am having and I know you've heard my prayers for help. It's just the waiting part that is really getting to me. I want to believe Lord help my unbelief. I will follow you no matter what the outcome is God because without you I have no hope. You are the only reason I am still here today. You have saved me from some pretty horrible situations and I am truly grateful. You are God and in the end You are God. Better to be suffering with You than without You. If You choose this for me for awhile then so be it. Your will be done God not mine. Please just strengthen me and give me Your peace. I couldn't make it through one day with out You. There are a lot of people suffering in the world tonight and in a lot worse pain than mine. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly and the love of my family. I am rich! I pray you would keep my from whining too much and take away these fears of the future. I Love You Lord and I owe You all of me. In Your son Jesus' name Amen!