Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Unwelcoming Sky

Holly and I walked out the front door on our way to pick Keegan up from school. We were greeted by an unwelcoming sky that was as dark as I had ever seen. We quickly got into the car as the first few drops of rain fell from that mean sky. Thunder rolled and boomed and we knew we had left in the nick of time. The air inside the car was heavy and warm probably because the windows had been rolled up all day. I cracked the front two windows to relieve some of the humid pressure as we headed for our destination. The wind howled fiercely and trees were forced to bow before the winds mighty power. The rain started falling harder as if to challenge the winds strength. I pulled up to the school and parked behind what seemed like a mile long stretch of cars all waiting to pick up their precious cargo. I grabbed my umbrella and dared to open my car door but I quickly retreated as the wind threatened to blow my door right off its hinges. Once more I attempt to exit the safety of my car and try to use my umbrella as my shield. I couldn't even open my umbrella fully because as soon as I reached for that final click to lock the umbrella opened the wind tried to close it back up. I jumped out and closed my car door and opened Holly's door. "I think you better wait in the car," I said to my adventure seeking daughter. She wasn't intimidated by the wind and rain, "I want to come." "OK but hurry up, lets go," I said with a voice of warning. We got to the curb and the wind blew harder and the rain pounded the two of us as we started to run. My weak little umbrella began flapping up and down as we got closer to the gate where the children would wait for their parents. "Keegan." "Keegan!" I yelled to get his attention. The other parents were retreating back to their cars with soggy little children. Keegan was actually using his hood, a rare sight indeed. He ran to me and Holly and we turned back to the car that seemed so far away. "How was school buddy," I asked loudly. He answered me but I couldn't hear what he said. The wind and rain were attacking viciously now and we knew we had to run. I struggled to keep my trembling umbrella under control as we ran down the wet side walk. Thunder boomed once more as we finally made it to the car. "Hurry up get in!" I closed their door and walked around to the driver side and flung open my door. I jumped in without closing my wimpy umbrella. Fighting to close the beaten old thing, I finally got in the car. I breathed a sigh of relief and let out a little laugh. "Wow we!" We had made it back to the safety of our car. I hit my left turn blinker to pull out and head home. The adventure had ended and as we drove home the rain began to ease up though the remnant of its attack was prevalent all over the ground. We were sopping wet and laughing at what just happened. We pulled up to the house and Kenny greeted us warmly with a big smile from the front porch. "Holy smokes was that crazy or what?" Kenny held the door open as we walked inside and we all started telling him our own version of what happened on our fifteen minute trip to pick up Keegan.