Sunday, October 18, 2009

Moving on

God, I need you tonight!
some how I need to know that I'll be alright.
Packing and moving just like before,
I cant find the strength to walk out the door.
I need to know God that this is Your will
and You will be with me blessing me still.
You are my rock and my strength and my light,
with You I find hope so I can take flight.
Please help me now to not walk away
from all You have taught me up to this day.
Tomorrow is waiting with lists of things to do
and so I will pray my peace comes from you.
You gave us your Son to take all the blame
if we would just repent and pray in His name.
Then life everlasting would soon come to all
who live by Your words and hear when you call.
Be with me now as I lay down to sleep
and forgive all my sins as I start counting sheep.
"Do not be afraid", it says in Your book,
Thanks be to God, my fears He just took.

By: Alyscia Johnson