Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kenny and I went Kayaking for our 8th anniversary. We had such an amazing time! We went up to the San Juan Islands and paddled around for 6 hours admiring God's beautiful creation hoping to spot some killer whales. We didn't see any whales but we did see a few bald eagles and a couple sea lions and a rare star fish. Our guide was the kind of person that has so much enthusiasm for his job that it just spilled over to everyone who was on the tour. It was a major workout even though Kenny did most of the work. I told him to stop paddling so I could see how far I could take us, but we barely moved. It was no surprise to my husband and he just said, "I didn't marry you for your brute strength." He's defiantly the muscle's in our relationship! We are already planning our next amazing adventure for our 9th anniversary. This anniversary will defiantly go down in Johnson family history as the best date ever. Thank You God for an amazing day and thank You for my husband. I love you Kenneth Johnson!