Thursday, January 6, 2011


I had a horrible night sleep. Josiah is sick and his fever spiked during the night and he was just so miserable. He slept on the couch so he didn't keep Keegan and Holly up. This being the 5th night he's slept on the couch Kenny and I decided that both of us would sleep on the floor next to him. Comfy? Not a chance! But I just kept thinking how horrible Joisah felt and my comfort was not an issue any more. Josiah's fever would go down but his struggle wouldn't subside, because next he would go into a coughing fit. He struggled so much last night that I was considering going in to the E.R., and who wants to do that? After hours of praying and pleading with God to heal Josiah's sickness at about 4:45 in the morning he finally calmed down and rested peacefully. Kenny and I had been trying to take turns on who would tend to Josiah so the other could get some rest but in the end we were both up the whole night. So Here I am now at 6:15am blogging about my horrible night sleep when I could be sleeping myself.

The house is quiet now and everyone is fast asleep except for me. I can't stop thinking about every single person I know. I keep praying for everyone and wondering if sleep will ever find me again. Not tonight I guess, or this morning would be more accurate. I have nothing to offer anyone of my friends or family as they struggle with their own pains and sicknesses. I can only pray that they cry out to God and let Him save them from their suffering. He's the only one who can, He's the only one who has all the answers. There is power in prayer!

To all my friends and family who are struggling right now with pain and sufferings please know I am praying for you. I don't have all the answers and I don't know why some seem to suffer more than others but I do know the One who does know all things. God loves you too and more than anyone in this dark world could. He wants to help you and be your savior but He wont force Himself on anyone, it's not His nature. Bring all your burdens to Him because He wants to carry you through this. He wants to show you a better way. He wants you to believe in what He did for you so many years ago. He knows that this world is full of sin and darkness, He knew that from the beginning. That's why He made a way of escape for all of us through His Son Jesus Christ who paid for our sins on the cross. I know that right now you don't want to see your sins because someone else's sin is what led you to your sin right? You just worry about your right standing with God and know that He is a Just and righteous God and He knows who hurt you and one day He will wipe away every tear from every eye and there will be no more pain or sadness. Have faith my love that He will deal with everyone according to their own works.

Monday, January 3, 2011

What is it worth?

God how is it that you love us? Your love and patients amazes me. God You created this world and all that dwell in it. You did it with a beautiful plan in mind. You gave us free will and then You sent Your Son to save us from the bad choices we would make. You knew all along that we would be prideful, self centered, glory seeking sinners and You made a way of escape for us all. You are so good and we are so undeserving. I want to be Yours and do Your will because You saved me from myself. I know that choosing to follow You will mean that I will have to obey Your law's and Your direction for my life and I will submit to that.

God my heart is broken for those who don't know You or think they know You but really don't. God You are the same yesterday, today and forever and I think our nation has watered down Your word and changed it to fit their own lives. It's sad because they will loose their soul if they don't figure that out. God it is so easy for our nation to find You. All's anyone has to do is pick up the Bible and read and pray for understanding. Other nations aren't so lucky they can't just pick up a Bible when they want to because a lot of places have outlawed Your word. Who needs to know that You are the One and Only True God? What other religions do you know of that are outlawed? What other religions do you know that are as controversial as Christianity? Not too many people can handle the Truth. Jesus' name offends sinners and they try to hide from Him because He reveals sin and that can sting. He is the light in this dark world and darkness hates light. Guess what people I have news for you... you are not the only one that has broken one of his laws. Everybody sins and falls short of the glory of God. That's why He sent His Son to die for our sins. Jesus died, He died for you. He was so much in love with you that he died for you before you were born. He knew you would have so much pain and heartache in this world because of sin and He knew that sin would destroy us all so He came and He opened the eyes of the blind and healed the sick and dying He forgave sins and He paid the price for us all. We don't have to suffer in this life anymore because He rose again and will come again to judge the living and the dead. When that happens what side will you be on? Will you be among the believers who lived their lives for Christ or will you be one of the ones who hear, "Depart from me for I never knew you". I pray that you will be among the ones singing praises to our Lord for all eternity.

There is a God and He created everything you see and everything you don't see. There is a devil and he wants you too. He wants to keep you from ever knowing Jesus. He is the father of lies and the author of confusion. He will do whatever it takes to keep you in your sin. He will tell you that God still loves you if you just sin a little bit, you're really a good person and that's all that matters. It's not like you've killed anyone. God will still be there when your 60 so you can give him your life then. You'll still be around you are invincible. Don't worry about God right now.

A sin is a sin and whatever is holding you back from a relationship with Jesus Christ I pray right now that you would surrender it to Him who can redeem all things. God desires that none would parish but He left that part up to us. What will you choose? What is worth eternal damnation to you? What are you willing to give up heaven for? God save us all.